Wild Kerala Tours

Wild Kerala Tours

Cochin, Kerala, India

Wild Kerala Tours as its name aptly indicates, deals primarily with wildlife tours within South India and specifically in the wildlife sanctuaries and Protected Areas of Kerala. Other than nature & wildlife tours, we also promote village tours, cultural tour packages with local flavours and accommodation in homestays in cities and villages to experience lifestyle of this part of the World.

Our operations are based and controlled from Cochin (Kochi) the port-city in the South Indian state of Kerala. Experienced in Travel, Tourism & Hospitality industry for more than twenty years and associated with people actively exploring the wilderness of India for a long time, we are aware of the negative impacts of conventional tourism. As we decided to start a business in tourism, we chose to promote and practise Responsible Tourism.

Most of the programs that we chose to promote are owned and run by the local communities. To add the educative value of the natural areas, we recommend that you hire services of our naturalists.

Wherever possible our guests are given accommodation in locally owned lodges / hotels / homestays so the revenue is shared with local people. Visiting local markets, interaction with local people, association with local self-help groups etc are also recommended.

We are a small group of hard-core conservationists, and we do not dilute our norms and terms for monitory benefits. All travellers participating in our programs must be ready to adhere to the conditions of dressing, behaviour and other code of conduct published by the company.

Maximum number of travellers in a group is fixed to 6 for overnight camping programs in the wildlife sanctuaries/Parks. For birding tours and other programs where guests will be staying in hotels /resorts, this restriction is not applicable.

We provide only good quality simple vegetarian food inside the Wildlife Sanctuaries while camping. Usage of packed water in the park is not encouraged, instead boiled water can be provided. However, if the guest insists on mineral water, they can bring it on their own.

Mission Statement:

Wild Kerala Tours operates tourism that understands and conserves Nature and Culture. Our operations are environmentally and socially responsible.


• We support environmental, cultural and social initiatives

• We ensure that our impact on the natural environment is minimised

• We respect the rights, customs, dignity, and diversity of the peoples we visit

• We ensure that local communities get direct economic benefits from our operations thereby providing an economic impetus to environmental conservation

• We protect the integrity of local culture and heritage by accepting their right to determine their own development and through minimising visitor contribution to acculturation and the decline of local values

• We assist in maximising the retention of our client’s expenditure in the local communities with advice in our literature

• We adhere to minimum impact guidelines pertaining to toilets, rubbish, and the use of soaps, firewood, water, fuel and other items that can negatively impact the environment

• We use site – sensitive accommodations and uses appropriate technologies that are not wasteful of local resources or destructive to the environment

• Our group sizes are regulated to minimise environmental, social, and cultural impact

• We aim to monitor our impact on sites, ecosystems and cultures with the local community’s participation

• We ensure that all aspects of visitors experience are in harmony with the social, cultural and natural environment

• To minimise their social, cultural and environmental impact, we prepare our clients by providing information at all stages

• We aim to instil in our clients an understanding and appreciation of the culture and environment in which they travel by encouraging socially, culturally and environmentally conscious habits

+91 +91 9846162157
+91 +91 9846162157
Panampilly Nagar, Cochin, Kerala, India

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