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Water Kingdom Aqua and Pet Store

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Water Kingdom Aqua and Pet Store

Water Kingdom Aqua and pet store


Initially, we were hobbyist in keeping fishes in the older type beeding tanks two decades ago. After that We have opened a retail shop by collecting fishes from reliable sources. The varieties that we commonly dealt are gold fishes, koi’s, mollies, platies, swords, tetras, corys, rainbows, Discus, angels, cichilds and many more. We too deal in various types of Aquatic Plants. Our motive in this field is to give well quality fishes at an affordable best price. Our primary motto is to give as many varieties as possible at a reasonable price and to give guidence to promote/ enrich the hobby among the general public. Another thing that scientifically proved is that keeping the aquarium in the home and looking the movements of the fishes will reduce the tension in the mind.

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Water Kingdom Aqua and Pet Store

College Road, Near Vimalagiri School
Kerala, India

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Water Kingdom Aqua and Pet Store Water Kingdom Aqua and Pet Store 2018-06-25 This place is pretty cool. It's local and employees are helpful. I was able to get a tank and all of the supplies necessary for my water turtle. Employees are willing to guide you through what your pet needs; in my case my turtle. So glad I found this store! 5 5.0 stars, based on 1 reviews