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Malu Renjith
15/06/2018Wrote a review for Leeway Events & Decorations

WII Wedding Decoration is great. They did my cousin's wedding and furthermore another companion's wedding a couple of months prior. Easy to convey and with work with your necessities. In the event that you have to search for somebody to assist you with your wedding embellishments, they are solid individuals. Try them out! You won't be disillusion.

Jinsha Anish
14/06/2018Wrote a review for Lajja Ethnic Wear

This is by a wide margin my most loved boutique in the city, they have super charming garments, GREAT gems and adornments and the new area is magnificent!! The stock is astonishing, sufficiently flexible for any fashionista and the costs are sensible so don't stress over using up every last cent.

Malu Renjith
25/06/2018Wrote a review for DOHA BEAUTY CLINIC AND SPA

love this place! So small and peaceful. Great vibes for relaxing. Perfect for couples and close friends. I went with my friend and felt truly amazing. Friendly service who know what they are doing, easy to understand offers and lots to choose from, clean, aromatic environment. Did I meant ion it's right next to the beach?!

Femina Shinaj
14/06/2018Wrote a review for Dream Style

This place has so much potential, and it's super cute inside but it gives off an awkward vibe. I never feel super comfortable when I'm there, and it almost feels awkward. The service isn't great and it's extremely overpriced.

Sujith Sukumaran
21/06/2018Wrote a review for Valiyatharayil Mercy Opticals

Extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff. I walked in and asked if they could help me put in replacement lenses in a pair of sunglasses I didn't even purchase from them. I expected to pay for this type of service, but they kindly offered to swap out the lenses for free. Now that is going above and beyond! If I'm in need of my next pair of sunglasses or spectacles I' show full

Arya Saji
26/06/2018Wrote a review for OuTrendz Designer Boutique

This was my first time shopping here in the wake of strolling by for a considerable length of time and continually needing to go in. The attire is excellent, I adore the plans, however the business people were extremely forceful. I simply needed to peruse lackadaisical at my own pace however their were teo assistants always conversing with me, pulling things off the rack to pro show full

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