Stag Designer Kitchen

Angamaly, Kerala, India
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Stag Designer Kitchen

Stag Designer Kitchen is a new concept aimed at catering designer level kitchens at competitive prices.The concept was born from the fact that,a functional and stylish designer level kitchen can be delivered at the cost of a traditional kitchen, which is not as functional and stylish.We understand all your kitchen needs and provide efficient space management and give a personal touch to your kitchen by customizing it for your needs.We appreciate that every customer is different and strive to meet the requirements of each with regard to aesthetics,quality and ergonomics.Using computer software to assist us in the technical element of design,we are able to help you clearly visualise your finished kitchen with 3D layouts.

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Stag Designer Kitchen

VII/615 A2,First Floor,Kachappilly Bldg, M.C.Road,Angamaly
Kerala, India

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