Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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Adam Jones
10 May 2019 Mumbai Suburban, Maharashtra

Limitless EQ offers personality development classes in Mumbai. These classes help us to develop a better personality so that we can be the best versions of ourselves. I have completed my personality development course in Mumbai and I can feel the positive change in my personality. I am more confident and presentable now. I highly recommend Limitless

Anirudh Shrikant
05 Apr 2019 Mumbai, Maharashtra

Limitless EQ has the best motivational speakers in Mumbai. They have already taken so many motivational sessions for corporate people, sales and marketing managers and executives. I have attended their seminars which were very inspiring for me. If you want to inspire your employees for their betterment then Limitless EQ can help you with that.

Kaushal Kumar
07 Mar 2019 Mumbai, Maharashtra

If you are looking for some good institutes which can offer you some courses for personality development in Mumbai then go for Limitless EQ. I have attended their personality development classes in Mumbai and those were amazing. Their trainers are so talented. They help a lot to make ones personality better and attractive.

Anuj Pande
14 Jan 2019 Mumbai, Maharashtra

LimitlessEQ is known for their work and they provide amazing motivational speaches in Mumbai which is really helpful as per my experience. I would suggest and recommend that you give a shot and believe me, it can change your life. Highly recommended

Jeet Potdar
15 Dec 2018 Mumbai City, Maharashtra

If you want to begin public speaking in Mumbai then you must attend some good public classes in Mumbai first. Limitless is a well-known brand for that. They provide full guidance to transform your way of speaking. It is my personal experience with them. They have transformed my image and turned me into a successful public speaker.