Priyanka Saloon & Spa

Hours Today : 09:30AM - 06:30PM
09:30AM - 06:30PM
09:30AM - 06:30PM
09:30AM - 06:30PM
09:30AM - 06:30PM
09:30AM - 06:30PM
09:30AM - 06:30PM
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Priyanka Saloon & Spa

Priyanka Saloon & Spa

Priyanka beauty parlour provide all kinds of facial & bleach.we merely help you discover your true beauty.With our team of professionally trained and well experienced beauticians,we strive to make you the best version of yourself.we believe that beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.It begins when you start becoming comfortable,confident and happy in your own skin.


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Priyanka Saloon & Spa

Seemas Tower,Sophia College Road,Perumbavoor
Kerala, India

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Priyanka Saloon & Spa Priyanka Saloon & Spa 2018-06-13 Super adorable shop on Priyanka!! I'm generally apprehensive to get my eyebrows waxed yet they completed an immaculate activity! Profoundly prescribe 4 4.0 stars, based on 1 reviews