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Darsa Das.K
19/06/2018Wrote a review for Lady Mode

What a fabulous boutique! My dear friend and I stopped by this afternoon to check out the new addition to the neighborhood. Awesome collections! Also, the owner was totally kind and warm-- no attitude. We're both looking forward to their events in the future

Anu Mol
19/06/2018Wrote a review for Eves Beauty Clinic

Overall amazing experience. Beautiful light space with nice helpful people.Eves gave me the best haircut I have ever had. He listened to what I wanted and gave good advice when I asked what he thought I should do with my hair. 100% recommend!

Shibu Venugopal
19/06/2018Wrote a review for Amiee

Excellent service. Easy to work with and very professional. I would recommend them without hesitation. The party went really well, the set up, bar tending service and the breakdown was super professional and efficient. Thanks so much to

Saji Varghese
13/06/2018Wrote a review for Eldorado Dental Clinic

Dr.Eldo Paulose has been my dental specialist for around 4 yrs, his office has demonstrated me incredible sympathy. I have advance treatment required and I am sure he will keep on giving me incredible outcomes.

Darsa Das.K
30/06/2018Wrote a review for AISWARYA ENTERPRISES

AISWARYA ENTERPRISES recently helped my family in a time when I didn't think we could be helped. My grandma's health had been failing her for quite some time and my parents needed help caring for her. The whole process went smoothly, and thanks to our account manager and everyone at AISWARYA ENTERPRISES, my grandmother is being cared for, and my parents are relieved kno show full

Shibu Venugopal
14/06/2018Wrote a review for Concept Interiors

Astonishing and experienced inside creator who truly surpassed my desires. He is extremely point by point situated and has incredible design sense. The best is he comprehends your needs and wants for a wonderful living space and can make it.

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