Maestro English Academy

IELTS/ Spoken English training

Angamaly, Kerala, India

Unlike any other training centres which follow traditional method of teaching Grammar, we provide activity oriented classes that can promote the students to speak English language without any constraints, by which they can acquire different grammatical structures which are needed to use the language effectively. After imparting almost all possible sentence structures explained in Maestro study material An easy way to speak English the training gets into another phase of it.In this phase of training collocations , Idioms, Phrasal verbs and expressions which are common in both formal discussions and informal chats are imparted to the students.Since Oxford study materials are strictly used in the classroom activities in this phase ,100% accuracy interms of the use of the above mentioned is assured.In the second phase of the training, students get immense opportunities to take part in Group discussions (GD) and Debates by which they get trained to use figurative language which are neccessary for an effective presentation of their views and arguements.In addition, public speaking training is included in the last phase of this course.In this session, students are not confined to certain topics. Instead they are allowed to talk about anything under the sun.Unlike other public speaking training centres, we do not try to make the students learn anything byheart ;which may be easier but not productive: rather, we help them to articulate their own views and thoughts into English. Since any sort of indoctrination does not occur during the public speaking sessions, students apply their own creativity and thoughts.After every presentation, students get right feed back and the shortcomings happened in the speech are pointed out to be corrected. All possible suggestions to make it better, not only from the faculty but also the other students are discussed, later constructive suggessions are accepted.Consequently, they become confident enough to render an effective speech and good enough to maintain accuracy in both syntax and diction.Detailed study of 44 speech sounds (phonetics)is also a characterestic of this course.
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II floor, Basil Heights, Old Market road,Near Seemas, Angamaly, Kerala, India

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