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Kopparambil Ayurveda Hospital

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Kopparambil Ayurveda Hospital

Kopparambil Ayurveda Hospital

Ayurveda is the rich store house of time tested and effective recipes for the treatment of several obstinate and otherwise incurable diseases.More important than these recipes are the specialized therapies which,while curing such diseases,strengthen the immune system in the body and thus help in the prevention of diseases and preservation and promotion of positive health.

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Kopparambil Ayurveda Hospital

P.P Road, Arackapady,Perumbavoor
Kerala, India

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Kopparambil Ayurveda Hospital Kopparambil Ayurveda Hospital 2018-06-28 I came to Kopparambil Ayurveda for help to improve my physical health, but the benefits I have received from her expertise and care over the last ten months have not only helped me meet this initial goal, but have also served to enhance my mental and emotional wellbeing.Kopparambil 's insights into my "true nature", in addition to their dietary and lifestyle guidelines, have enabled me to lose weight, sleep more soundly, and experience higher energy and greater mental clarity throughout the day. In this journey "back to balance" , Kopparambil's unwavering compassion and support have been essential. 5 5.0 stars, based on 1 reviews