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Kadambari Beauty Clinic & Stitching

Haripad, Kerala, India
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Kadambari Beauty Clinic & Stitching

Kadambari Beauty Clinic & Stitching

Our administrations are extraordinarily intended for ladies. We are had practical experience in Bridal Makeup, Hairstyling, Hair Treatments and Skin Care. We convey earth capable, mercilessness free and veggie lover amicable excellence items with an emphasis on normal non-dangerous fixings. Our main goal is to enable individuals to live more advantageous and think reasonably without sacrificing an incredible look and style. Our different administrations incorporate Stitching Services.We invite you for a visit at our parlor in Haripad.


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Kadambari Beauty Clinic & Stitching

Opp. Metro Silk,North of KSEB,Haripad
Kerala, India

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