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Extra Powers is a Indian based ayurvedic company. Ayurveda is based on punchtatva which tells us that our body and all other things in the world are a combination of punchtatva. According to punchtatva dysfunction of any element that causes noxiousness to our body is treated with the appropriate herb that helps reduce the noxiousness and maintains the perfect metabolisiam needed in our body. Ayurveda therapy: Natural herbs are used; and it has no side effects on our body. From about 5000 years up till know ayurveda medication has being used and has yielded successful results in curing our body ailments. Ayurvedic medication has proved to cure all types of ailments it has been proven that it does not give a temporary relief to your body like other medications but on the other hand corrects the root cause of the problem. Even until now highly qualified Doctors, Scientists who have no knowledge and non believers of Ayurveda unknowingly intake ingredients in their food such as turmeric, cumin seeds, black pepper, salt, garlic, milk, cow ghee, khoya milk byproduct etc. which are being used in ayurveda from the past 1000 years, these products are used either in producing ayurvedic medicines or are used as a main ingredient or in combination with other ingredients. So you cannot say no one has benefited by using ayurveda medication. From the past few years advanced countries like Germany, France and America have shown propensity towards ayurveda. Still some people have an inclination towards modern lifestyle medicines and are firm believers in such medicines that have adverse side effects which instead of curing a particular ailment gives rise to some new ailment and you sort of make you life more miserable instead of healthy living., before the first ailment is yet to yield results, the person gets frustrated and diverts itself towards ayurvedic medication but until then his body is surrounded with ailments caused by side effects of modern lifestyle medicines and sometimes the ailment to be cured becomes incurable due to the intake of modern lifestyle medicines or it takes longer time for the ailment to get cured and people think ayurvedic medication takes a lot of time for a person to get cured. For more information call us: Mobile no.: 9711480065 Email: Website:
+91 9711480065
+91 9711480065
Delhi, Delhi, Delhi, India

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