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DrBest  A pioneer
in economical medicine concept in India is Offering opportunity to join as a franchisee partner and develop for yourself a highly rewarding and successful business venture.


Dr Best Pharmacy is a project of DrBest Pharmaceutical pvt. Limited (enrolled under startup India Project ) which is engaged in providing highly affordable medicines for people.

Dr Best is already reaching out to people in almost 20 states in India where in people are able to buy their regular medicines (cardiac, Diabetic, pain killers, Antibiotics and many more ) at almost 50 to 80% lesser prices than the similar medicines from a routine chemist shop.

A) Rental expense to be born by DrBest

REntals make the major part of the expenditure in retail business. DrBest pharmacy offers the opportunity to run a franchisee outlet wherein the rent of the premises shall be born by the company. This takes away a lot of headache from the franchisee owner and one can concentrate on developing the business.

B) Up to 80% lesser priced medicines !

is inn itself an attaractive slogan to catch customers to your retail store. DrBest has an impressive range of medicines which are almost 50 to 80 % lesser priced than the similar products from the other companies. customers really find the product range of DrBest suitable for their budget (without any compromise on the quality)


Besides that, DrBest pharmacy franchisee stores have a backup of aggressive promotion by DrBest from head office particularly at social media platform.

As the awareness level among general public is increasing day by day, concept of economical medicine retail outlet is definitely going to expand at even faster pace.

Besides this, the franchisee outlet shall be promoted aggressively on local level also in area around the outlet to existing outlet can also take rights for DrBest Pharmacy. one time refundable Fee of rs. 11,000 after 6 months will be applicable for obtaining the franchisee rights. Team of DrBest shall evaluate the feasibility and business potential of the retail store location and approve the same on basis of the documents submitted by the applicant.


DrBEst  pharmacy  franchisee partners ( Refered to as DBFP) shall be governed by following terms and conditions:-

1.      DBFP shall be required to submit all the necessary documents as desired by the company for its record like DL/GST/RENT DEED/Partnership Deed/MOA for private limited firm etc.

2.      DBFP shall be required to do the branding ( main advertising board+Posters etcinside the outlet) of DrBest in his retail outlet as per the guidelines of the company. The expense of the same shall be borne by the DBFP.

The  DBFP shall be required to keep sufficient stock of the DrBest products at his outlet and will be required to maintain a minimum sale objective which shall be finalized.

DrBest pharmacy is a fresh innovative retail store concept where in people can buy authentic and quality medicines at almost 80% lesser prices and thus save a huge amount of money on their medicine spending!!!!!

DrBest Pharmacy is already getting stupendous response and is fast expanding its reach to almost all states of India.


     There is  a significant change taking place in consumer behavior in recent times. People are more aware about the medicines trade and are looking for economical alternative for the ever costly medicines recommended to them. Online Pharmacy stores by offering high discounts are creating another ahallenge to aregular pharmacy store to retain its customer base.

In such testing times it is extremely challenging for a new medicine retail store to survive and make a decent business.


DrBest pharmacy offers a highly innovative and successful model which ensures high returns on the retail business model by attracting larger customer base.


Make public aware about the DrBest. Pamphlets Banners etc for public awareness shall also be used extensively for the same.


 Since this range of DrBest products is available at DrBest Pharmacy only (and not at other chemist shops in the area), it gives distinct edge to DrBest Pharmacy over the other regular chemist shops in the area.



 DrBest is currently looking to expand its presence in the market and is looking for young and aggressive entrepreneurs who are looking forward to create a vibrant and successful pharmacy outlet for themselves.

All you need to open a DrBest Pharmacy outlet is a retail place (with minimum area as specified in the drug law of the state) either self owned or rent premises and a registered pharmacist to operate the Pharmacy. Usually the space requiredto open a retail pharmacy is 110 to 140 sq. ft area.


One can have retail license in any name of his/her choice and operate DrBest Pharmacy Under his license. Anyone having

A)   With him at the time of agreement. For a general Reference the acceptable minimum objective for any retail outlet shall be calculated as per following formula.


Minimum sale objective is the amount of goods which DBFP shall be required to purchase from company every if the monthly rent of the outlet is Rs. 10,000  then DBFP shall be required to purchase minimum Rs 22,500 (excluding GST or Freight etc) worth medicines from company. DrBest offers a wide range of 400 products to choose from.

d)   The products purchased by the DBFP will be non returnable basis. In special circumstances, the slow/ non moving products can be replaced by faster moving products (subject to conditions).

e)  DBFP shall  be required to maintain the minimum sale objective every month and failing which the rent reimbursement benefit shall stand cancelled.

f) DBFP shall be offered exclusivity rights for the area under which no other DrBest  pharmacy outlet shall be  opened. The exclusive rights shall ensure healthy business growth of the franchisee partner.

g) DBFP shall be entitled to purchase/ sale any medicines or surgical items from other vendors as per the requirement of the area and there is no restriction on them to buy only from DrBest.

h)  DBFP shall be required to conduct his retail business as per the governing drugs and cosmetic act and shall follow.

I) DBFP shall sign the MOU with company before the start of the business and all terms and conditions of MOU shall be binding on both.

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+91 6239159535
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