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COSMETIC DENTISTRY at Dr.Henrys Family Dentistry in Perumbavoor
  • Size and shape correction of front teeth
  • Space closure - Generalised
  • Correction of teeth placed abnormality to the front
  • Veneers
  • Metal free crowns and bridges
  • Teeth whitening
  • Correction of whitish and brownish discoloration of teeth
Dr.Henrys Family Dentistry,Perumbavoor
Perumbavoor, Kerala
Call Us Now +91 8281076564 +91 9847318911
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Dr.Henrys Family Dentistry Dr.Henrys Family Dentistry 2018-05-21 best Dentistry 5 2018-06-15 Heavenly experience - super perfect and present day beautification, amicable staff, simple booking/process. This influences my dental specialist to encounter a whole lot less demanding and more wonderful than anyplace else. 5 2018-06-20 Excellent blend of the best technology with very personal service. Dr.Henry Issac is wonderful -- caring, attentive and very skilled. Everyone at the office goes out of their way to make sure that what is usually a pretty trying experience (in my case a dental crown) is as pleasant as possible. 5 5.0 stars, based on 3 reviews