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Geetha Singh
06/11/2018Wrote a review for Aachi Masala Foods (P) Ltd

Last week I have ordered aachi masala products on suggestion of my friend. I was so happy with the decision I have made in ordering those products. My children and husband started loving the food even more after I started using their masala. The masala products are so good and enhancing the taste of the food I prepare. They taste as if they are homemade. The best part is the in show full

Mariam Michael
25/02/2019Wrote a review for Aachi Masala Foods (P) Ltd

I am a non-veg lover and always try new chicken recipes. But these days I dont have time to invest on cooking. On my friends suggestion, I bought Aachi Chicken masala. They offer many chicken masalas like Chicken 65 Masala, Pepper Chicken, Tandoori Chicken and many more. I almost used all the masala powders and they are the best. All the Chicken lovers must try these masalas. B show full

Edward John
11/01/2019Wrote a review for Aachi Masala Foods (P) Ltd

Aachi Masalas add a very good flavor for your dishes. I always use Aachi masala powders in which ever the dish I prepare to add a perfect blend of spice. To be frank my recipes started tasting much better after I started using these masala powders. Thanks a lot and I would highly recommend!

Geetha Singh
26/07/2018Wrote a review for Indigo womens center

We have visited Indigo Womens Center in Chennai to fulfill our dreams of having a baby. The doctors have provided a complete guidance and solution to our infertility problem. Thank you Indigo Womens Center and Dr. Sarat Battina for your wonderful guidance and your fertility treatment made us to fulfill our dream.

Rakash Kannan
07/02/2019Wrote a review for Hotel Mamalla Heritage

I had an awesome stay here in hotel mamalla heritage. I love the natural view and quietness of the place. Swimming pools are highly maintained and super clean. The place also very beautiful. The foods is really great. They have hospitable and service-friendly staff. I would highly recommend this hotel who visiting mahabalipuram.

Nithish Prasad
18/12/2018Wrote a review for Aachi Masala Foods (P) Ltd

Aachi masalas are quite good in its taste and quality. These products are really helping me a lot to enhance the taste of my dishes. Your Chicken masalas are the best in the market. The best part is, cooking chicken with your masalas gives the taste of restaurant style chicken! All the people who love non-veg, just go for it!

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