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Thattekad, Kerala, India
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Birds Tour South India.Com

Birds Tour South India.Com

One of the finest Birding expeditions you can find in Kerala as well as other southern parts of India (Tamilnadu & Karnataka) would be definitely Eldhose Bird Tours. As our aspire is to endow with the greatest possible service to our valuable clients, who are independent and tour clients, we are always ready at your service. We actually need our clients to be pleased with our service through the enthusiasm and enjoyment you get through the .Test

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Birds Tour South India.Com

Kerala, India

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Birds Tour South India.Com Birds Tour South India.Com 2018-06-26 Today tried to take two baby sparrows who were thrown out of their nest due to the winds. Note there is only a sign and a trail. The sanctuary is a misnomer. I was able though to get assistance of two park attendants who flagged down a ranger who said he'd help the birds. For that I'm grateful. 4 4.0 stars, based on 1 reviews