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Bhavana Wedding Centre

Chalakudy, Kerala, India
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09:30AM - 06:00PM
09:30AM - 06:00PM
09:30AM - 06:00PM
09:30AM - 06:00PM
09:30AM - 06:00PM
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Bhavana Wedding Centre

Bhavana Wedding Centre

Do you have an event coming up that requires an evening gown or a suits? Rent clothes in Chalakudy from Bhavana wedding centre,coupled with an efficient customer service to solve your dress dilemma perfectly.We are proud to offer a wide wardrobe of Indian,western and Indo-western outfits for men and women.Each dress comes with a custom fitting option to fit your curves well.Renting from Bhavana wedding centre is very easy.In 3 easy steps you can get the red carpet look in your favourite designer dress–hire,wear and return.Book early due to limited availability.

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Bhavana Wedding Centre

Palli Bus stop,Chalakudy
Kerala, India

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Bhavana Wedding Centre Bhavana Wedding Centre 2018-06-25 I began my dress inquiry a half year before my wedding date and had positively no fortunes at a few stores. I'm sooooo cheerful I discovered Bhavana Wedding Center was such a joy to work with through and through and I recognize him for his understanding in managing my indecisiveness.My dress was totally amazing!!!! I got soooo numerous compliments and I couldn't have improved a decision.Thank you Bhavana. 5 5.0 stars, based on 1 reviews