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Sadhu Sam
16/06/2018Wrote a review for Al-Abrar Arabic Translation Center

I highly appreciate Al-Abrar for helping me with my documents translation. I needed to travel to Europe on the business affair, and having my corporate paperwork translated within one day was a must. SHEJEEB P.A and his team completed the translation of 199 pages in no time. They simply saved me.

Ambili Alakapuri
28/06/2018Wrote a review for Life Style Beauty Parlour

Life Style is wonderful. I had my brows done and they are amazing. She has a really great eye for colors and shapes and does an amazing job with permanent makeup. Considering the wonderful work she does her services are dirt cheap. I had permanent makeup done by someone else who was much more expensive and Life Style did my brows so much better!

Elby Geevarghese
28/06/2018Wrote a review for Diyona Beauty Care

Diyona is amazing!. If you want custom curated facials, genuine attention to what your skin concerns are and want to switch to all natural products,Diyona is just amazing.. I was recommended to her by another friend and am so happy I finally found a go-to facialist...

Nisha Sunil
28/06/2018Wrote a review for PRETTY PETALS

This is by a wide margin my most loved boutique in the city, they have super adorable garments, GREAT gems and adornments and the new area is magnificent!! The stock is stunning, sufficiently flexible for any fashionista and the costs are sensible so don't stress over burning up all available resources.

Ambili Devadas
28/06/2018Wrote a review for PRIYA Beauty Parlour

In case you're searching for a favor salon, this isn't the place. In case you're simply searching for brisk and extraordinary administration, this is the place. It's a bit of befuddling to discover Priya as the front passageway is a nail salon, however once inside, they will direct you toward the back where the threading is. The seats don't push back like mo show full

Vipin Perumbavoor
28/06/2018Wrote a review for PHOTONIX DIGITAL STUDIO

PHOTONIX was adaptable on the time and area to ensure we got the splendid, excellent photographs we needed. And afterward our children didn't coordinate and we were restless that is was for nothing, yet when we got the display connect - the photographs were staggering. We couldn't be happier.We have attempted family photographs three times and this was by a long shot ou show full

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